Beatrice Higgs 1865 -

Herbert Higgs elder sister.  Below, Image 589 shows her aged 36 in the 1901 census working as a servant in the Tilly family at 40 Castle Street  - There’s a lot of boarders here! Need to check out Alfred Saunders 64, I’m sure we came across this family…

1901 Census entry for Beatrice Higgs
Image: 589 (1901)

By 1891 Census she seems to have married a Welsh chap, Augustus Higgs but this would rely on the fact that she married into another Higgs family from Monmouthshire, Wales so may need further investigation.

Archive: 1881 Census as a servant [ 338, 338a, 338b ], 1891 Census [ 368 ]

Birth Marriage Death
1865 as she was 36 in 1901 Census above   1924 NPG story