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April 6, 2017
Hi there Dave! Yes the connection is correct.  My grandma, Sarah married Albert Ernest Jones in 1912.  My Mum was Winifred Aurora Jones (an only child born December 1912) and my Dad was William (Bill) Thomas Brown.  So my maiden name was Brown. By the way, who was the lady in the top left-hand corner of your website?  She has similar eyes to my Mum.   I’ve attached a photo of her with Sarah plus one of Win on her own in 1931, which feel free to use.  Keep in touch. Regards

April 6 2017
Hi Sue
Long time since we emailed each other.  I have continued to work on my website.  I have started to include some information from people such as yourself who kindly sent me info for the site.  I have added your text recently and also an image showing our connection.  It would be nice of you if you could take a look to see if it is correct. It is at me_and_sue.php
Thanks in anticipation Best wishes
Dave Higgs

Apr 28, 2014
Hi Dave, hope you didn't mind me copying those photos over. My connection with you is Emma Georgina Rosson who would have been my great aunt. My grandmother was Sarah Susannah Rosson who was a younger sister - and to my knowledge never knew she had older siblings. Long story Dave, but if you're interested email me on xxx. I can't remember who it was but someone sent me a listing of the Higgs family showing both the first and second marriage details. Best wishes Sue.

Apr 28, 2014
I see you have saved a copy of some of my relatives. It would be nice to hear from you. Maybe you are a relative of mine? What's interesting is I have very little info about my father's side of the family and you have picked pictures showing him, his sisters Liz & Rose and his brother. Very intriguing!
hoping to hear from you soon
best wishes